Remote work – a translator at lingy

Cooperation with us will ensure a continuous and convenient access to new translation orders, without having to source clients or face order limits.

Our job offer is for translators, proofreaders, correctors and editors.

Why should you work with us?

Carry out translations anytime, anywhere. All you need is knowledge, time and access to the Internet.

lingy is committed to cooperation based on clearly defined principles and dynamic development. If you want to work with us, check out our offer!

it is up to you which project you choose from the list


a day has 24 hours. You work whenever you want!


translation orders are allocated on the basis of specialisationand experience


notifications ensure that important information is never missed

Always up to date

such as the CAT tool or translation memories.

Using technology


Fill in the form and join our team.

At lingy, we ensure a friendly recruitment process and the development of translators, proofreaders, verifiers, and editors.

Do you dream about specialization? About improvement? We will support you on this path!

Multi-channel communication with our Translation Project Manager and Service Department via live chat, phone or email are just a few forms of support in our daily work.

The most common candidate questions

1. How to join the lingy team?

If you are interested in working with us, please register on the site using the registration form.

2. What are the requirements for a Candidate Translator, Proofreader, Verifier, and Post-Editor?

We maintain compliance with the ISO EN 17100:2015 and ISO 18587:2017 translation standards. For this reason, the Candidate should have:

- a university degree in foreign language philology or linguistics, or

- a university degree and documented 2 years' translation experience, or

- minimum of documented 5 years' translation experience.

3. What is the recruitment process like?

You receive to your e-mail address an excerpt of the text to be translated. After a positive evaluation, you will receive a welcome email with a link to the contract.

4. What are the payment terms?

- each billing is based on the word count,

- all billings and generated invoices are displayed in your Translator Panel,

- all payments for the previous month are disbursed smoothly throughout the following month, from the first to the last day.

5. What form of cooperation does lingy offer?

We work with freelancers. The contract is structured so that it allow both individuals and businesses to make appropriate settlements.

An individual, i.e., a translator signs a cooperation agreement with lingy and pays their income tax to the Tax Office themselves.

A company signs a cooperation agreement with lingy and is responsible for tax settlements on its own.

6. Where can I find information on using the site?

Once you have activated your account, you get an access to all training materials on how to use the service and the CAT tool.

7. What type of translations are carried out?

We provide translation packages with additional translator verification or native speaker proofreading, certified translations, proofreading and interpreting.

8. In which fields can I do translations?

Construction / Carpentry/ CV / Cover letter / E-commerce / Content/ Education / Schooling/ Films / Music/ Finance / Business / Economics/ Cosmetics / Beauty/ Cryptocurrencies/ Culinary/ Logistics / Transport/ Localisation of websites / Games / Applications/ Marketing / Social Media/ Medicine/ Fashion/ Humanities/ Science/ General/ Law / Contracts / Insurance/ Sport / Fitness/ Technical / IT Technologies / Innovations/ Telecommunications/ Tourism / Travel etc.

9. How many projects can I carry out?

There is no set number. The number of orders depends on the Translator's availability and the clients' demand for a given pair of translations.

10. What are the average earnings of a Translator?

The average earnings of Translators range from PLN 1,500 to several thousand per month, depending on the time spent on translation.


Work in lingy is about working with text and, above all, with people.

We look forward to people who show commitment, punctuality, diligence, and good time management skills. Check whether this is the offer for you!


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