Remote work – a translator at lingy

Cooperation with us will ensure a continuous and convenient access to new translation orders, without having to source clients or face order limits.

Why should you work with us?

You can work from home any time that is convenient for you. Your remuneration will be paid every month.

lingy focuses on cooperation based on clearly-defined rules and dynamic development. If you would like to cooperate with us, check out our offer!

Translation jobs are assigned based on your specialisation and experience


We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can work whenever and wherever you want to


You decide what type of translation you want to complete choosing a project from a list of available orders


You don’t have to check if orders are available. You will receive an email notification once a new job is pending


Fill out the online form so we can get to know you better and complete language tests so we can assess your translation skills


Our human-to-human philosophy ensures friendly and efficient cooperation

They make it possible to communicate and control translation orders through API

Remuneration depends on personal involvement; you can choose your areas of specialisation from the available ones; you can accept projects that match your specialisation and you can also verify your skills in any other field, while improving your translation abilities




Multi-channel communication with our Translation Team Leader and Customer Service Department through live chat, telephone or email


Translators gain access to CAT tools that speed up and simplify work



Each translator can also join our partnership programme and earn even more on referrals.

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1. How can I become a lingy translator?

- If you are interested in cooperating with lingy, please register through this our form

2. What requirements should be met by our Translators?

We operate on the basis of the ISO PN-EN 17100:2015 translation standard. Due to the above, all of our Translators should present the following:

- A university degree in foreign languages or linguistics, or

- A university degree and documented 2-year experience in translation, or

- At least 5 years of experience in translation documented

3. What does the recruitment process involve?

- What are the payment terms?- We offer settlements based on rates per word

- A summary of the payments and the generated invoices can be found in the Translator’s Account

- All payments for the previous month are made throughout the following month, from the first to the last day.

4. What are the payment terms?

- We offer rates per word

- The summary of the payment and invoices are generated and visible in the Translator Account

- All payments are made by the 15th day of the month collectively, for the entire settlement period (previous month)

5. What cooperation form is offered by lingy?

We cooperate with freelance translators and other translation agencies. The agreement ensures that both, individuals and businesses, can provide services to lingy

Individual – an individual translator concludes a cooperation agreement with lingy and takes over the responsibility of paying tax to the applicable Revenue Office

Company – concludes a cooperation agreement with lingy, and depending on the company status, the VAT is settled with the applicable Revenue Office

6. Where can I find information about using the service?

- when your account is active, you will obtain access to all training materials in the Translator Account, regarding use of the service and our CAT tool.

7. What does the translation process look like?

Step 1. Notification

- you will receive an email with information about a new job - New order information will be available in the Translator Account

Step 2. Accepting or rejecting the order

Step 3. Order processing

- each order has a deadline

- if the files are editable, translation is completed in our CAT tool

- the translated files are uploaded to your Translator Account

- your translation is rated by the customer

8. What types of translations are offered?

We offer written translations that can be ordered with additional verification made by a translator or detailed proofreading made by a native speaker; proofreading only, certified translations, interpreting as well as translations of telephone calls

9. What areas of specialisations are offered by lingy?

Advertising / Marketing

Art / Architecture

Automotive / Aerospace

Construction / Civil Engineering


CulinaryCV / Cover letter

Education / AcademicEU / Grants


Finance / Business / Forex

History / Archaeology


Internet / Startups

Journalism / Media

Legal / Contracts

Life Sciences

Literature / Publishing

Medical / Pharmaceutical

Movies / Music


Religion / Theology

Software / ITSport / Fitness

Technical / Engineering

Technologies / Innovations

Tourism / TravelTransport / Shipping

Web / App / Game Localization




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